MP Dry Herb Pack

(Formerly Mastitis Pack)
Size: 8.5oz

Learning with LaRee

Apply as a hot poultice to the affected breast area. Keep on for as much of the day and night as possible. Be sure to use LeEndoRelief essential oil blend on the feet and lymph areas of the neck and underarms. Take an infection fighting formula, (RC, or IF, for example) and kidney herbs such as the KT formula (formerly Kidney Toner). Hit it hard at the first sign of soreness and stay on it until it is completely cleared. Mastitis is a serious condition and treatment should never be put off. Medical people will tell you that mastitis is the result of plugged milk ducts and they are probably at least partially right. However, I have never seen mastitis in a mother that did not have an underlying lymph drainage problem. It is important to keep the lymph system working well.
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