MyGraine-Vitality 5ml Gift Bag


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LeMyGraine is used for a migraine and stress-related headaches with or without accompanying nausea. This blend is also useful following neck injuries and to open the blood supplies to and from the head. LeMyGraine does its best work with headaches related to stress and circulation problems. Mild hormone oils make it effective for some women dealing with headaches which come at the beginning or end of their period.
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LeVitality is very specific for the cardiovascular, circulatory, pulmonary, and lymphatic systems. It should be tried for all heart related and circulatory conditions, but LeVitality has amazing uses in so many other areas. It is often useful for lowering high blood pressure and reducing stress levels. This blend can increase stamina and vitality especially among the sick or the elderly.
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MyGraine-Vitality Gift Bag


5ml Essential Oils in a small organza gift bag


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