Natrum muriaticum Tissue Salt #9

Potency: 5X

Learning with LaRee

Natrum muriaticum (Nat mur.) Function; water distribution, nutrition and glandular activity, cell division, growth and aids the digestion process.
Deficiency symptoms: weakness bordering on collapse if the deficiency is severe enough. Headaches with constipation. Runny stools, thin and watery blood, heartburn, toothache, hay fever, constant sore throats with a nose that is running clear liquid, abnormal appetite with thirst, sense of coldness, low blood pressure that is alleviated by adequate intakes of salt and water, excessive perspiration with exertion, inability to digest meats, pale and waxy looking complexion, and neuralgic pains. Low spirits, feelings of despair about the future, dwelling on depressing subjects or events, continually bringing up the past and dwelling on it, feeling like a good cry for no reason but consolation from others aggravates and annoys, angry irritability with passionate outbursts, excessively excited and fast-moving, mental exhaustion—mental exertion causes fatigue.
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