Nettles Tincture

Urtica dioica

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Nettles tea relieves lung congestion by acting as an expectorant and an antispasmodic, as needed, while providing nutrients which fight infection and raise energy levels. Nettles is an outstanding remedy for anything blood related—halting bleeding, cleansing the blood of impurities, or building the blood in cases of anemia. Nettles has a diuretic action due to the flavonoids and the high potassium levels found in this herb. Nettles not only increases urine production but encourages the pull of toxins from the cells for elimination by the kidneys. Nettles slows or stops bleeding altogether from small wounds and nosebleeds, and is an excellent remedy for heavy menstrual flow.Nettles, combined with Dulse and Alfalfa, (the KNA recipe), provide a full range of vitamins and minerals along with a readily absorbable protein or two. A great nutritive supplement.

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Nettles Tincture

Latin Name: Urtica dioica
Ingredient In: AL, EUST, IBL, KNA, KS, MIN, PL, PT, TY
Available In: Tincture, Dry Herb Pack 
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