PL Dry Herb Pack

(Formerly Pleurisy Lung)
Size: 5.75oz

Learning with LaRee

The pleura is the membrane sac that surrounds the lungs. If it becomes inflamed it can be extremely painful. If you have ever had pleurisy you know exactly what I am talking about. Because the lungs are large and the pleura completely surrounds them, the pain can be felt anywhere in the chest and back. A knowledgeable nurse friend of mine once mistook an attack of pleurisy for a heart attack, had an ambulance come for her, and remarked that she had not been properly sympathetic with patients she had known suffering from pleurisy. Pleurisy can be very painful! This is a very effective formula but needs to be taken with an infection fighter (such as IF or RC) and a formula to clear and drain the lungs(such as WC). The application of heat to the painful area brings a measure of relief. I used to do pleurisy every few months. As the herbal road I was walking cleansed my internal environment and got my lymph system flowing properly, the attacks got less and less frequent. I haven’t had pleurisy in years!
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