Potassium Liquid Mineral


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Potassium, often called the “alkalizer”, neutralizes acidity and replenishes alkaline salts in the bloodstream, maintains membrane potentials of nerves synapses and assists in metabolic processes. It is critical to cardiovascular and nerve function and vital for the elimination of wastes. Potassium is an essential mineral, found in every cell of the body. As an electrolyte (ionized particle), potassium is vital to water balance, proper hydration, and controlled blood pressure. Potassium is also involved in muscle and nerve function, plays a role in metabolism, and helps transfer oxygen to the brain. Dizziness, fainting, fatigue, ear aches, muscle weakness, muscle aches and stiffness, muscle spasms and cramps, abdominal pain and bloating, heart palpitations, numbness or paralysis, cognitive impairment, and insomnia.
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Potassium Liquid Mineral

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