PPAC Dry Herb Pack

(Formerly Pain Pack)
Size: 4.75oz

Learning with LaRee

PPAC is used as a soak, a compress, made as a liniment, a soaked oil, or as a salve. A compress seems to work the best because of the heat and moisture, but the other methods have the advantage of being much more convenient. PPAC works really well on sprains and bruises. The sooner after the injury that you use it (before inflammation has really set in), the more effective it will be! This used to be a standard and much used recipe in our family—and then we discovered the world of essential oils!

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PPAC Dry Herb Pack

Ingredients: Slippery Elm, Comfrey Root, Mullein Leaf, Mullein Flower, Lobelia, Wormwood, Ginger, Oregon Grape, Poke Root
Ratio: Used as a soak, a compress, or made as a liniment, a soaked oil, or as a salve.
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