Red Clover Dry Herb Pack

Trifolium pratense

Learning with LaRee

Red Clover is considered a mild adaptogenic and blood cleansing herb. As such, Red Clover has action on the entire system through the gentle and gradual purifying of the blood. Red Clover specifically strengthens the immune system. This herb is generally an ingredient in anti-infectious formulas, rather than being used by itself as an infection fighter. Used in combination with Yarrow and Elderflower, Red Clover is very potent.
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Red Clover Dry Herb Pack

Latin Name: Trifolium pratense
Part Utilized: flower
Ingredient in: AC, AL, APL, BAC, BHM Plus Salve, BHM Salve, BHM, BP, CAC, CAN, CC, ESS, EW, HGL, IF, LB, LC, MULC, RC, RC-L, SN, Super C
Ratio: 1:30
Available In: Dry Herb Pack, TinctureBlessed Water
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