Rhubarb Root Tincture

Rheum palmatum

Learning with LaRee

Rehmannia is said to “cool the blood” and is given to help lower fever in acute and chronic illnesses. This “cooling” nature is reflected in its traditional use for problems such as excessive thirst and ailments that manifest with a red tongue. In all traditions, Rehmannia Root is used specifically to treat hepatitis and other liver conditions and to cleanse the liver. Rehmannia is used to treat high blood pressure. Interestingly, in the Chinese traditions Rehmannia appears to raise low blood pressure when eaten raw and lower high blood pressure when cooked (in wine). Western herbal tradition does not make this distinction but rather concludes that like most herbals, it brings the body to a state of stasis—raising blood pressure when that is needed and lowering it when that is what is required.
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Rhubarb Root Tincture

Latin Name: Rheum palmatum
Ingredient In: BC, ESS
Available In: Tincture, Dry Herb Pack 
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