Sage Essential Oil

Salvia officinalis

4oz and larger bottles are sold for refilling, they are not intended for daily use.
For More information see the Bottle Size Usage Guide.

Learning with LaRee

Sage clears and sharpens the mind. Cleanses the energy grid and strengthens its ability to protect us from negative influences. Sage has a positive influence on intuition. The impact on physical health from a strong nervous system and an active lymph system cannot be overemphasized. Sage's ability to strengthen the pelvic chakras, and organs within it, gives vigor and strength to the vital centers of the body. With nerves, lymph, and pelvic organs being strengthened, it is easy to see why sage has long been considered the "master healer".
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Sage Essential Oil 

Ingredient In:
LeBalance, LeConnection, LeDelicate, LeDiscernment, LeEndoReliefLeFocus, LeUnity, LeWeightless

Available In:
Essential Oil, TinctureDry Herb Pack, Blessed Water

Included in Kit:
Singles Collection

Botanical Name:
Salvia officinalis

Country of Origin:

Extraction Method:
Steam Distilled

Part Utilized:
Leaves, Flowers

Plant Family:


Large doses or overuse of sage should be avoided by anyone who suffers from any type of seizure disorder. Sage should be avoided during the early stages of pregnancy.

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