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BHM Salve is a very effective, all-purpose salve. It is used to aid the healing of sprains, breaks, strains, skin rashes, and minor burns. The 12 herbs in this salve contain a lot of nutrients and especially high amounts of calcium and magnesium, which bones, muscles, and tissue need to heal. The use of this salve can greatly speed up the healing process.

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BHM Plus Salve has all the same herbs as the BHM salve, with 4 additional herbs that are specific to infections and suppurating sores. This is a very potent salve! It is better at drawing out infections than anything I have ever seen on the market—both herbal and otherwise. This salve is strong enough to handle even wide-spread infections.

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CM Salve is a basic salve for healing non-open wounds such as breaks and sprains. It is particularly good for rashes and skin irritations of many varieties. CM can be layered with Arnica oil if there is swelling. Consider using the BHM salve, instead of or along with, this one for injuries.

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Miracle Salve contains 5 very amazing herbs, Comfrey, Lobelia, Mullein, Oregon Grape, and Plantain. This salve was made specifically for treating burns and has been used on everything from mild sunburns to very severe burns. If I were to only have 1 herbal salve in my home it would be this one.

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Salves 1/2oz (4)
BHM Salve, BHM Plus Salve, CM Salve, Miracle Salve

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