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Learning with LaRee

The Spleen Chakra is located in the center of the bottom rib on the left side of the body. This places the Spleen chakra directly over the location of the physical spleen.  Spleen energy aids the body in being victorious over the diseases to which we are exposed and prevents the immune system from becoming overzealous and creating autoimmune disorders and allergies. Just as this chakra lends strength to the immune system physically, it also lends strength to the parts of the energy system responsible for protecting us from the energetic drain we may experience as we associate with others.

OUT OF BALANCE physical issues in which this chakra is involved include fatigue (a lack of overall vitality), Chronic Fatigue, arthritis, and rheumatism. An unhealthy spleen chakra depletes our life energy and usually results in serious depression and anxiety about our ability to provide for ourselves and those that rely on us. 
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