Sweetgrass Alaskan Flower

Potency: 5X

Learning with LaRee

SWEETGRASS (Hierochfoe odorata)

Indications: energy blockages in the etheric body; low energy flow during the day; difficulty bringing a healing process to final completion; needing to remove disharmonious energies from the home or work environment.
Healing Qualities: cleanses and rejuvenates the etheric body; brings lessons and experiences to completion on the etheric level; removes disharmonious energies from our home or work environments.
Emotional Considerations: Animals/Animal Care, Benevolence, Blessings, Cleansing, Completion, Energy, Environment, Etheric, Exhaustion, Freedom, Meditation, Purification, Regeneration, Shock, Space Clearing

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Sweetgrass Alaskan Flower

Included in Kit: Alaskan Flower Essence Blessed Water Kit
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