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Tarentula hispanica (Tarantula)

Tarentula hispanica is a very ‘hot’ remedy. Behaviors and reactions tend to the extreme. There will be extreme restlessness, fidgeting, and feeling as if they must be constantly in motion. Sitting still is difficult, almost impossible. Both children and adults may be quite obstinate, selfish, and demanding with impatience and irritability often seen in their interactions with others. Impulsive, with little control of emotions and little thought or planning before acting. Often there is a tendency to throw things at others before thinking about that action and its possible consequences. There will be a definite intolerance of criticism and, often, upon being instructed or given advice they are likely to react explosively. Music excites and brings on agitation of the behaviors described above. However, on occasion, certain carefully chosen quiet music may be relaxing and helpful.
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