Potency: 6X & 12X

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CALCAREA PHOSPHORICUM (calcium phosphate) (6X) Calcarea phos supports the proper development and formation of the teeth and builds a degree of immunity to tooth decay. It is also included in this formula because it is known to relieve the irritability too often common with children during the teething months and is said to relieve pain, particularly at night.
CHAMOMILLA VULGARIS (German chamomile) (6X) Chamomilla is one of the leading polycrest remedies for irritable, fussy, and whining children. Keynotes of this remedy include the child being dissatisfied, and demanding and wanting to be carried or held all of the time. A child who would benefit from Chamomilla is extremely sensitive to every type of pain.
COFFEA CRUDA ((unroasted coffee) 6X) Coffea is included for oversensitivity, intolerance of pain, and sleeplessness. Coffea is an excellent preventative of fever and would help allay convulsions if the child were so inclined.
BELLADONNA (deadly nightshade) (12X) Belladonna is included to relieve the redness, inflammation swelling, and discomfort commonly associated with teething.


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