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The Throat Chakra includes, of course, the throat—trachea, and esophagus—the thyroid, the jaw (both upper and lower), the cervical spine, and the lungs. This chakra is located at the crossroads of the body, both from the left and the right and from upper to lower. The Throat Chakra acts as a bridge between the feelings centered in our hearts—our heart-felt emotions—and the thoughts in our minds. Communication is the central responsibility of this chakra. The Throat chakra governs many aspects of creativity and will-power, as well as everything connected to self-expression. The throat becomes OUT OF BALANCE and inflamed if there is too much energy in this chakra or it may become closed off, creating difficulty swallowing. The Throat Chakra is referred to as “The Silent Child” and represents the swallowing of words and feelings when expressing them is difficult or impossible. Physical ailments of this chakra include thyroid issues, sore throats, TMJ, ear infections, any facial issues, neck and shoulder pain, and laryngitis.
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