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Tuberculinum bovinum (Tuberculosis Nosode)

The outstanding keynote of this remedy is restlessness, a desire to be somewhere, anywhere, but where they are. In adults, this manifests as a desire to travel or a desire to change jobs frequently. In children (and adults) there are constant complaints about boredom and a need to find ‘something to do’. There is a lot of fear in this remedy: fear that something bad will happen and fear of animals, particularly dogs and cats. Bedwetting, even into the teen years, is common. In more advanced cases, there will be malicious behaviors and destructiveness of the property of others. There may be fits of violent temper and bouts of throwing things at others with little or no instigation or cause. Physical symptoms will, of course, include and distinctive tendency to lung ailments with symptoms worsening with changes in weather and before storms. Symptoms, both emotional and physical are worse for cold and damp.
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