Vitamin E Refined Carrier Oil


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Refined wheat germ oil is lighter in color than the virgin variety. It is also less sensitive to heat and has a longer shelf life. It is the one usually preferred as a carrier oil. It should be remembered, however, that refining always removes beneficial properties. Wheat germ oil is the richest source of vitamin E that can be obtained from a vegetable oil. Wheat germ oil also contains high amounts of vitamin A and vitamin D and is rich in protein and lecithin. These constituents make wheat germ oil popular for external application for any type of skin problem. It also works effectively as a carrier oil to help heal burns, skin ulcers, psoriasis and eczema. Wheat germ oil is beneficial for the general health of the skin as it improves the circulation of blood in the skin. It also helps the skin cells that may have been damaged due to the sun. Wheat germ oil helps with conditions like dermatitis and scarring. Wheat germ oil is known for its high level of antioxidant properties.

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Vitamin E Refined Carrier Oil

Available In: Carrier Oil Refined, Carrier Oil Virgin, Supplement
Latin Name: Triticum vulgare
Extraction Method: Solvent Extracted - Refined
Consistency: Heavyweight
Part utilized: Kernal
What is a carrier oil: Carrier or base oils are often applied in conjunction with an essential oil. The common industry term for carrier oils is fixed oils. These oils are made from vegetables, nuts, seeds, and flowers. They are considered by many to have therapeutic properties of their own.

Carrier oils are used for several different reasons. One major reason is because pure essential oils are often too concentrated to be applied undiluted to the skin. Adding essential oils to a carrier oil also allows the oil to be spread over a larger application area and to be absorbed more evenly. Many essential oils are quite expensive, and because they are so highly concentrated, one or two drops may be all that you need. The use of a smaller quantity of essential oil is often more beneficial than a larger quantity and is certainly less likely to cause any type of reaction. Read More About Carrier Oils
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