LeWisdom Essential Oil


4oz and larger are sold for refilling, they are not intended for daily use. Store product away from direct sunlight with lids tightened to maintain the integrity of the product.

Learning with LaRee

As we experience adversity and joy in this life, our fears, frustrations, annoyances, and irritations should mellow into wisdom. This blend can help us do that by moving us away from the negative patterns of our lives. LeWisdom can help us express and deal with repressed emotions. LeWisdom is a wonderful oil for any grieving stages of our lives. It is one of the best blends for jet lag and fatigue.
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Wisdom Essential Oil

Ingredients: Hinoki, Lemon, Neroli, Orange Sweet, Spruce Picea, Ylang
Available In: Essential Oil
Included in Kit: Blends CollectionChakra Essential Oil KitExclusive Collection
Similar Blends:  
Other Oils to Consider: LeInsight, LeTranquility, LeWhispering Hope
Resonance: physical, emotional
Aroma: Citrus, Woody
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