Miracle Salve

(Formerly Healing/Burn)

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This salve is incredibly healing—even for very severe burns. This salve was originally made for one of my sons. He had 3rd degree burns from ankle to hip. No antibiotics or non-herbal anti-infectious agents of any kind were used. We soaked his leg in cold water with lots of lavender oil for the first 24 hours and gave him garlic capsules, IF, and RC tinctures by mouth to prevent infection.

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Miracle Salve

Herbs Used: Comfrey root, plantainlobeliamullein leaf and floweroregon grape
Carrier Oils Used: Almond oilSunflower oilVitamin E oil
Solidifier: Beeswax
Available In: Salve, Dry Herb Pack
Included in Kit: First Response KitFoot Zoner KitHappy Kiddo KitMini Starter KitNew Mommy & Baby KitPregnancy KitReady for Summer Kit
What are Salves: Herbal salves are wonderful things! They are convenient to use and very powerful. Salves are made with a combination of herbs, carrier oils, and a solidifier. We prefer beeswax for our solidifier. It is a natural thickener and interacts well with the skin. It allows the skin to breath and softens rapidly on the skin. Almond oil is the main carrier oil in our salves. We prefer almond oil because it has a mild smell, has one of the lowest rancidity factors of any carrier oil, and can handle high temperatures. The other carrier oils were chosen for their high Vitamin E and antioxident content.
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