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A must have kit for your kids! A great resource for all those little bugs that your kids pick up from school, church, and everywhere! In an easy to grab box it will help you keep your family feeling their best, and you will know that you’ve got something for everything. Pamper your babies with the wonderful, relaxing, and immune building essential oils found in this kit.
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Kit Insert

Happy Kiddo Kit

Comes in: Storage Box 30ml-50ml (16 hole)
Contains: Essential Oils 10ml (9) 
LeBaby Me, LeDeliverance, LeDreams, LeJulia, LeMelaPlus, LeMillenia, LeThermaCare, LeTranquility, Lavender Officinalis

Blessed Waters 1oz (3) 
Diarrhea #1, Flu Symptoms #1, Rescue Remedy

Tinctures 1oz (5) 
BBL, CC gly (2oz), IF gly, NVC gly, WC gly (2oz)

Other (3) 
Almond Oil (2oz), EO (1/2oz), Miracle Salve (2oz)

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