Tara Westover

Tara Westover is the youngest of seven children born to Val and LaRee Westover. She was born in the small farming community of Clifton, Idaho in 1986.

Tara has always been a social butterfly and was involved in her community from a very young age. Tara was educated at home by her mother untill she attended BYU, graduating at 21. Five of LaRee’s seven children attended college and 3 (including Tara) have earned doctorate degrees.

One of Tara's many talents is her vocal ability. LaRee noticed at an early age that Tara loved to sing. A vocal teacher was found and Tara's musical talent began to flourish. It was a 45-minute drive each way once a week to meet with the voice teacher. This became cherished one on one time for Mother and daughter. Tara loved her teacher Penny Karen who is an amazing teacher and mentor.

Tara has always been a self-confident person and has,  from an early age had a great love of theater. This coupled with her vocal lessons helped her at eleven years old to win the lead in the play Annie. (see more pics)

She enjoyed her time with Daddy Warbucks and the rest of the cast.  She continued to stay involved in community theater doing many shows and melodramas including Wizard of Oz, Heaven Help the Po-taters, Paper Bag Bandit, Carousel, Saturdays Warrior, The Princess and Pea, Blazing Guns at Roaring Gulch, and Cinderella. 

Tara is a natural leader and soon discovered she also loved stage management and directing. She directed and co-directed many of the plays she was involved in.  She was even the stage manager a time or two.  Several of her family members enjoyed the theater as well.

She used her vocal talent in the community in many other ways as well.  She enjoyed Christmas Cantatas and Pageants as well as the Rotary Choir.  She took first place in the Franklin County Farm Bureau Variety Show. 

She was awarded the Young Women's award in 2003

Tara took FIRST PLACE in the vocal division of the Fine Arts Competition hosted by the local school district. Her parents were very proud. Her father particularly loves to listen to his daughter sing.


Tara attended BYU Idaho at the young age of 16 where she earned her bachelors degree. She went on to get her Masters and PHD.

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