Tara Westover - Paper Bag Bandit

Tara Westover Paper Bag Bandit

Tara directed the Paper Bag Bandit at seventeen.  She also played the part of Shenandoah.  Her brother Travis played the sheriff Buzz Saw.

What seems to be the question on everyone’s lips in the desert town of Cooked Goose?  Is it, “Who is that ’Masked Man?’” Well...  uh...  no.  It’s “Who in the world is in that paper bag?!”  Villain Sludge Slyskull runs the Dew Drop Inn Hotel.  In his spare time he puts a paper bag over his head and becomes the notorious “Paper Bag Bandit!”  As Sludge terrorizes the community, our hero, young Sheriff Buzz Saw, has a plan to capture the outlaw.  Unfortunately, Slyskull knows of the plan and arranges things so Buzz is accused of all the crimes!  You’ll laugh and applaud at the hilarious twists in the daffy plot...  especially when two “Paper Bag Bandits” turn up at the same time.  Such loony roles as members of the Ladies Vigilante Committee, glamorous Diamond Dolly Rhinestone, journalist Hedda Lettuce and Mademoiselle Fufu and her wacky theatrical troupe will keep a laugh on your lips.  This melodramatic howler is environmentally friendly.  After all, each and every paper bag can be recycled!

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