Hinoki Essential Oil

Chamaecyparis obtusa

Learning with LaRee

Hinoki oil can be used to carve out a soothing and relaxing moment anywhere in your busy life. In Japan, where this tree grows, there is nothing more important than a relaxing bath upon returning home in the evening. It is considered a time of emotional growth and purification. Hinoki is the prized wood used for building temples, shrines, and structures that will be used in bathing rituals. Well known for its ability to kill bacteria, viruses, and fungus. Hinoki increase immune function.

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Hinoki Essential Oil

Ingredient In: LeDiscernmentLeLetting GoLeWisdom
Available In: Essential Oil
Included in Kit: Singles Collection
Botanical Name: Chamaecyparis obtusa
Country of Origin: Japan
Extraction Method: steam distilled
Part Utilized: Needles, Twigs
Plant Family: Coniferae/Cupressaceae (sub of conifer)
Aroma: The aroma of hinoki is reminiscent of cedar, but is milder and much less woodsy, with a delightful hint of lemon. Hinoki is excellent in lighter, more floral blends because it does not add an overpowering cedar tone.
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