LeRevitalize Essential Oil


4oz and larger bottles are sold for refilling, they are not intended for daily use.
For More information see the Bottle Size Usage Guide.

Learning with LaRee

LeRevitalize increases mental alertness and alleviates mental fatigue. Replenishes inner stores of strength and increases stamina. Especially effective for those who are worn out from chronic illness or who make a habit out of running faster than they have strength. LeRevitalize cleanses the liver but does so gently and steadily. It stabilizes energy levels and improves vitality. Excellent oil for lymphatic congestion and immune stimulation.
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Revitalize Essential Oil

Revitalize Essential Oil

Bergamot, Blue Tansy, Cabreuva, Chamomile Roman, Carrot Seed CO2, Davana, Fennel, Geranium, Helichrysum, Lemon, Rosemary

Available In:
Essential Oil

Included in Kit:
3-Oil Kit, Blends Collection, Complete Flu Kit, Foot Zoner Kit, Reset Plus Kit

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Herbaceous, Citrus

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