Bilberry Leaf Dry Herb Pack

Vaccinium myrtillus

Learning with LaRee

There is very little information (that I can find) about Bilberry Leaf that can be shown to be speaking of the leaf and not the fruit. However, in the herbal world, we know that the best time to pick the leaf of a plant is before it flowers or produces fruit as that is the season in which the energy is highest in the leaf. We also know, however, that in the essential oil world at least, the properties of the leaf, flower, and fruit are very different but related. Bilberry, leaf and berries, in any dosage are completely without toxic side effects! The formulas in which Bilberry Leaf is used here are mostly for pancreatic function. As always, I would consider adding berries to my diet at the same time, perhaps in jams and juices and as dried fruits.
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