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Be prepared for any crisis with this First Response Kit! This kit helps treat shock, flu, diarrhea, cuts, headaches, colds, bronchitis, pneumonia, respiratory congestion, allergy symptoms, pain, coughs, burns, and convulsions brought on by fever. This kit is great to take with you everywhere you go.
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Kit Insert

First Response Kit

Comes in:
The Storage Box 30ml-50ml (16 hole)

Essential Oil 10ml (5) 
LeAspire, LeDeliverance, LeMillenia, LePaine, Lavender Officinalis  

Blessed Water 1oz (4) 
Bioplasma, Diarrhea #1, Flu Symptoms #1, Rescue Remedy

Carrier Oil 2oz 
Coconut Oil

Tinctures 1oz (4) 
BBL, IF, RC-L, WC (2oz)

Miracle Salve 1/2oz

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