RC-L Tincture

(Formerly Red Clover Combination with Lomatium)

Learning with LaRee

Exactly like the RC recipe, with the addition of 0.50 Lomatium. The Lomatium makes this recipe very effective for bacterial or viral stomach flu.
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RC-L Tincture

Herbs used: Red CloverOregon GrapeBuckthornBurdockCascara SagradaChaparralLicorice RootPeach LeafPoke RootPrickly AshSarsaparillaStillingiaLomatium 
Available In: Tincture, Glycerin, Dry Herb Pack
Included in Kit: First Response KitGrab N' Go Flu Kit
Links: How to Make Tinctures
Practical Uses
Videos: Alcohol Herbal Tincture
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Straining Herbal Tinctures



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