Prickly Ash Tincture

Zanthoxylum clava-herculis

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Prickly Ash is a remedy for arthritic and other joint problems because it stimulates blood flow to painful and stiff joints, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the area and removing waste products from those joints. An important use of Prickly Ash is the improvement of circulation in diseases such as Raynaud’s and any condition in which the arteries of the extremities have narrowed and are preventing sufficient blood from reaching the hands, or the legs and the leg muscles. Prickly Ash relieves gas and diarrhea and tones the digestive system. It can be applied topically, usually with other herbs, to treat leg ulcers. This herb is also used for pelvic inflammatory disease.

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Prickly Ash Tincture

Latin Name: Zanthoxylum clava-herculis
Ingredient In: AP, CR, RC, RC-L
Available In: Tincture, Dry Herb Pack
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