GI Dry Herb Pack

(Formerly Gallstone/Indigestion)
Size: 3.75 oz

Learning with LaRee

This remedy is often effective for the early stages of gallbladder problems when taken 15 minutes before every meal or snack. It effectively notifies the gallbladder to produce and distribute bile. It consists of some great herbal bitters that have been in use for a century or two and some very healing, demulcent herbs. For most gallbladder problems it will be necessary, eventually (in a month or two), for an olive oil/lemon juice cleanse to rid the body of gallstones altogether. Taking Lobelia or using essential oil pain packs on the abdomen will also be helpful for the pain. This program should be followed by mild food and herbs to rebuild the ducts that may have been damaged as the gallstones were passed.
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