Papaya Leaf Dry Herb Pack

Carica papaya

Learning with LaRee

The fruit of the Papaya is well-known for the digestive enzymes that it contains. The leaf, while vastly different from the fruit, shows great promise as a digestive aid, also. Papaya Leaf reduces inflammation of the stomach lining and, reportedly, heals gastric ulcers by killing H. pylori bacteria. Because Papaya leaves are anti-inflammatory, drinking a warm tea made from Papaya Leaves can soothe colon inflammation from Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other inflammatory bowel diseases. Papaya may help metabolize wheat gluten, making it easier to digest.

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Papaya Leaf Dry Herb Pack

Latin name: Carica papaya
Ingredient in: CD, GI
Ratio: 1:9
Available In: Dry Herb Pack, Tincture
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