Hawthorn Berries Tincture

Crataegus monogyna

4oz and larger are sold for refilling, they are not intended for daily use. Store product away from direct sunlight with lids tightened to maintain the integrity of the product.

Learning with LaRee

Hawthorn is much prized for blood pressure issues. It will raise or lower the blood pressure according to the patient’s needs. This returning of a system to homeostasis is actually true of most remedies that have been left in their natural state, rather than pulverized and the supposed “key” constituents removed and administered separately—the definition of many drugs. Hawthorn shows this holistic feature as clearly as any herb that I know of. Bilberry and Hawthorn are related species and the healing properties of their leaves share many characteristics. The increased flow of blood and nutrients to the heart strengthens and rebuilds that muscle. Hawthorn is strongly antioxidant, which helps to prevent or reduce degeneration of the blood vessels. This is a remedy that is specific to congestive heart failure.
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Hawthorn Berries Tincture

Latin Name:
Crataegus monogyna

Part Utilized:

Ingredient In:
Cayenne/Hawthorn, LC, MH, MS

Available In:
Tincture, Dry Herb Pack, Blessed Water

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