Marshmallow Tincture

Althaea officinalis
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Marshmallow is useful whenever the soothing of mucous membranes is called for, whether it’s irritation in the stomach, ulcers, problems in the intestinal tract like colitis, diverticulitis, or irritable bowel syndrome. Sore throats and kidney/bladder irritations also respond well to Marshmallow. Because Marshmallow is both diuretic and demulcent, it is very powerful in the treatment of urinary tract issues. Marshmallow is used in ointments or poultices for boils and abscesses, and as a tea and as a mouthwash for any type of inflammation. May be useful for earache.
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Marshmallow Tincture

Latin Name: Althaea officinalis
Ingredient In: APL, BHM, CD, IB, IBL, KB, KT, MH, MULC, NF, SN
Available In: Tincture, Dry Herb Pack
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