Melissa Blend Essential Oil


4oz and larger bottles are sold for refilling, they are not intended for daily use.
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Learning with LaRee

Melissa has a youthful, revitalizing effect on the body and spirit. It opens our ability to see and understand the truth. The aroma of melissa oil helps us receive insights for living our daily lives. It promotes feelings of compassion and love for life. Melissa is beneficial to emotionally sensitive individuals. Melissa is considered to be one of the most powerful antiseptic and medicinal essential oils. Useful against various strains of flu virus, smallpox, herpes simplex lesions (cold sores), and mumps.
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Which Melissa should I choose?

Melissa Pure is the first distillation of the oil. It is the purest, and most therapeutic of the Melissas. It is also by far the most expensive. Melissa Rectified is Melissa oil that has been redistilled and mixed with the first distillation. This enables an oil such as Melissa to be produced less expensively so that people will be able to afford to use it. These oils often have amazing healing properties, although the first distillation is always better. Melissa Blend is a blend of pure essential oils put together to simulate the healing properties of Melissa oil. It is a much less expensive option and we are very impressed with this blend, though Melissa Pure is, of course, more therapeutic.

Melissa Blend Essential Oil

Ingredient In:
LeAcknowledge, LeBenediction, LeExhilaration, LeFaith, LeGrateful Heart, LeIQ, LeTrust, LeWhispering Hope

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Essential Oil

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Singles Collection

Fresh, lemony, green and slightly herbaceous.

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