PF Tincture

(Formerly Pancreas Formula)

Learning with LaRee

This formula contains herbs that are renowned for their blood purifying, diuretic, and toning properties. Their action involves most body systems, particularly targeting the organs of the endocrine system and, very specifically, the pancreas. Sarsaparilla, as mentioned elsewhere, is an endotoxin binder. When a person is constipated or unable to evacuate the bowel promptly when the need first arises, toxins and bacteria spill into the blood stream. Sarsaparilla scoops up these toxins and recycles them for another attempt at disposal. Many pages could be written on the effects of Ginseng. This is one of the great herbs. It does so much more than stabilize blood sugar, although it is outstanding when used for this purpose.

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PF Tincture

Herbs used: Bilberry Leaf, Devil's Claw, Mullein Flower, Mullein Leaf, Sarsaparilla, Ginseng
Available In: Tincture
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