Parsley Leaf Tincture

Petroselinum crispum
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Parsley seeds and roots are said to have a much stronger diuretic, anti-inflammatory, and toxin flushing actions than the leaves. Parsley Leaf tea is refreshing and quite enjoyable. I have found it to be sufficiently strong to accomplish all of the things listed below for Parsley Root. Fresh Parsley tea was a mainstay for one woman (very close to me) who had a rare and nasty cancer of the blood. Doctors were continually amazed at the healthy functioning of her kidneys. She lived many years beyond their original predictions—with an impressively good quality of life for most of those years. I personally attribute much of this to the strength of the kidneys from the consumption of so much Parsley tea.

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Parsley Leaf Tincture

Latin Name: Petroselinum crispum
Ingredient In: AP
Available In: Tincture Leaf, Dry Herb Pack Leaf, Tincture RootDry Herb Pack RootTincture MixDry Herb Pack MixEssential Oil
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