SN Glycerin

(Formerly Sinus)

Learning with LaRee

SN is useful for inflammation and infection in the sinus cavities and for allergic sinusitis. It also acts to drain the lymphs, supporting the kidneys while doing so. The herbs in this formula liquefy mucous, allowing the sinuses to drain, but should be taken with an infection fighting formula for a viral or bacterial attack—RC, IF, APL, BAC, or FN. Also remember to use essential oils. SN contains some herbs that are a little less commonly used, but it is a very effective formula for drying out and draining the sinuses.
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SN Glycerin

Herbs used: Brigham Tea, BurdockMarshmallowParsley RootEyebrightOregon GrapeOshaYerba MansaYerba SantaAstragalusCayenneChaparralLobeliaRed Clover
Available In: Glycerin, Tincture, Dry Herb Pack
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